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July 26th Feast of Joachin & Ann

posted 27 Jul 2015, 20:31 by Patricia Stafford   [ updated 27 Jul 2015, 20:31 ]
st.joakim-ann.jpgAccording to tradition, Saint Anne was born in Bethlehem, and married Joachim of Nazareth, both descendants of David. Together with her husband, Anne raised Mary to be a paragon of virtue and entrusted her to the temple as a child. It appears that she died at an advanced age. The same tradition tells of Joachim, a wealthy livestock owner whose marriage to Anne did not produce offspring until late. This was regarded as a lack of heavenly blessing, resulting in Joachim's sacrifice being refused at the temple. Remembering the son granted to Abraham late in life, Joachim resolved to go into the desert and fast for forty days. An angel appeared and told him of the birth of his daughter, and he went to meet his wife at the "Golden Gate" of Jerusalem.